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Full Version: Caroline Stafford
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I am making an assumption that this author is American. I have very little information about her other than what I have gleaned from the dust jackets of her four books themselves. It is said that she has a passion for English history and has traveled extensively throughout England. (If anyone else has more information, I would be very interested in it).
Years ago, I stumbled upon The Teville Obsession, and liked it so much that I searched out her other three books. The hero of the story is very touchingly needy. I kind of like that sometimes.
I suppose it would be accurate to place her books in the gothic/romantic suspense category. For the romance is certainly a significant component to the stories, and these are very good romances with lovers that one remembers fondly. The books all date from the seventies.
Her novel Moira is good, but a bit weaker than the others. However, the remaining two are quite good. The House by Exmoor comes complete with an admiring quote from Phyllis Whitney, in which she calls it 'the breathless tale of a girl alone faced with the malice of an imperious invalid', and The Honour of Ravensholme includes an interesting surprise romantic twist.
I am always thrilled to find a new author that I like (in any genre), so I delight in sharing this information with you, my gothic-loving friends.