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Full Version: Nicole and Tabitha
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A teenage girl approached the front door of a white, two-story suburban home. After she knocked, the girl brushed a couple strands of stringy black hair from her pale face. The door opened, and an older woman in an embroidered blouse appeared. She looked upset.

", I'm Tabitha. Is Nicole here?"

The older woman stepped out the door. She held in her hand a folded sheet of purple notebook paper. Tabitha realized now that Nicole's mother knew everything.

"What kind of girl writes this to another girl?" the older woman asked, unable to look the teen girl in the face. "To my daughter especially."

Nicole's mother crumpled up the note Tabitha wrote Nicole and threw it at the ground. "You may think she's," her voice began to crack. "But she's not."

As if by instinct Tabitha looked past the older woman and saw the shadowed figure of Nicole at the top of the pink-carpeted stairs.

"But I love her," Tabitha blurted out.

"Stay away from my daughter," Nicole's mother screamed as she slammed the door in Tabitha's face.

"Bitch," Tabitha muttered.

An unbearable bleakness overwhelmed the girl as she walked back to the sidewalk. She thought about Nicole's bedroom window on the back left side of the two-story house. Visions of Nicole's cherry-red lips and her bleach-blond hair brought tears to Tabitha's eyes. She must see her again.

Hours passed, and the the glow of streetlights replaced the colors of dusk as they riddled the maze of suburbia.

Desperate to reunite with her forbidden love, Tabitha made her way back to Nicole's house. She avoided the front yard, but instead walked through the left side yard. A rush of anxiousness swept over Tabitha when she saw the lonely girl who sat on a picnic table with her back turned.


The girl turned around, her face wet with tears. She immediately jumped up and ran to Tabitha.

"What happened earlier?" Tabitha asked.

Nicole ignored the question, clutched the sides of her face, and kissed her mouth. She offered up her lips as atonement for what occurred. Tabitha could taste Nicole's tears on her tongue.

"I love you." Nicole said as she looked right into Tabitha's eyes. "My mom went through my purse this morning and found that note you wrote me when we first met."

"You kept that?"

"Yeah," Nicole replied.

Tabitha placed her hands on Nicole's and brought them down to her chest. "It's no big deal...we can still sneak out and see each other.

Nicole burst into tears again, and Tabitha demanded that she explain what's wrong.

"She told me that I had to go live with my father in Maryland," Nicole said. "I tried to talk her out of it, but she was so ashamed, she wouldn't even look at me.

"Tell her it was just a joke," Tabitha said. "Tell her I was just getting you back for something you'd done to me last yea-

"No," Nicole yelled out. "I killed her."

"You what!" Tabitha removed her hands. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

Nicole's voice began to tremble. "After she got off the phone with my father, she walked into the bathroom. I went into her bedroom and grabbed a pair of scissors, and I...I crouched down beside the bathroom door and waited for her to walk out. When she did, I stabbed her." Nicole began sobbing. "You have to help me Tabby. We've got to get rid of her body somehow."

Tabitha embraced Nicole and looked up into the night sky. A sudden thought came to her mind. "Hey, you got a wood chipper?"


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