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Trying to find book read in the early 80's
I'm new here forgive any faux pas please.

I'm trying to track down a book I read in the early 80's, prob '80 or '81, maybe '82, no later. It was borrowed from college roommate's mom (now deceased) so that is the right time frame. I think it was a fairly new publication at the time.

Details: The most memorable point was the heroine (name unknown) was missing half her foot due to a car wreck in which her whole family died. She takes a job as a nanny/tutor to the younger son of an eccentric artist (Jonathon). The boy (8ish) was behind in school due to appendicitis. The hero is the older son of the artist (Brady, Brody, Cody..) who is a sculptor. At one point he massages her foot because she is still having pain from her prosthesis. He says he could design one that would be more comfortable. The evil stepmother is murdered and everyone thinks that Jonathon did it because he has disappeared.

That's it. I'd appreciated any help you can give me.

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