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author from new zealand
Dorothy Eden was an AMAZING writer from New Zealand. Vines of Yarby is a good one but my two favorite is "Shadow Wife" and "Waiting for Willa". In Shadow Wife a young girl marries a man and goes to meet his relatives. He warns he not to tell them they are married yet as he want to break it to them gently. She thinks it's weird by goes along. Then they are in a bad car crash and she wakes in hospital. She tell everyone she is married but her husband denys it and she can't find her ring or marriage license, everyone thinks she lying or crazy or more hurt in the crash than they thought....In "Waiting for Willa" a girl receives a letter from her cousin Willa, but she signed Willemina (her full name). When they we children they had a game in which the "code-word" for danger was Willemina. The girl goes to visit her cousin and discovers that she is missing.
Dorothy Eden books are worth tracking down.
These are going on my list right away. I love the inexplicable in a story. Shadow Wife sounds somewhat like Victoria Holt's On the Night of the Seventh Moon, or perhaps I should say the other way around, because a quick Google search informs me that Shadow Wife was written first.

I've read several other Dorothy Eden novels and enjoyed them. I look forward to reading these. Thanks for the recommendations.
Dorothy Eden is my favorite in the genre.

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