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The Mistress and the Perfect White Blouse
On the website for my new novel “The House on Black Lake” I wrote a blog titled "Anne Fontaine, the Mistress of the Perfect White Blouse". For those of you who are not familiar with Anne Fontaine, it is an upscale French Canadian chain boutique named after the designer with variations of the perfect white blouse and other accessories that bring to mind both a chic Parisienne and a naughty French maid. The blouses are stitched to perfection and the cinch belts, lace-up jackets and collar necklaces are classy enough to wear to work and sexy enough for a hot date with spouse or lover. However, they are very expensive.

I found it of great interest that this blog is so popular I get hits more than any other. There is something alluring about The Mistress and The Perfect White Blouse. In my novel there are French maids and indeed, the blouse, but did not realize I was striking a chord of some kind. Am uncertain what draws viewers in such numbers.

Perhaps you readers might give me insights.

Anastasia Blackwell

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