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A few questions for the collectors
How can one who wishes to collect these books get them at the lowest possible price? Being that there are probably thousands of titles, I can't see paying more than $1 for each. I know it is possible to get them for less than $1 on the internet, but not likely in the used book stores, even at bulk prices.

Yard sales? Going out of business sales?

How many titles do you have in your collection?
Welcome to the forum, lostintwilight! I hope you learn from and enjoy it as much as I have. As far as finding books, I have used all the sources you mentioned, the internet especially. I would add, also, library book sales. Happy hunting!Smile
eBay is a great place to start. Search for "vintage Gothic" will get you many hits. Also "lot Gothic", it's easy to get a box full of assorted titles for a few bucks.
Ebay, library book sales, garage sales, flea markets.. I have most of my books from ebay.. I even have some duplicates.
I'm assuming you buy the lots on eBay. Has it been your experience in the books you purchase being 100% gothic romance suspense, or have sellers been known to throw other genres in?

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