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Three very good gothic titles
There are three very good gothic titles that I rarely, if ever, see mentioned. They are: Lydia Trendennis by F.E. Smith, a really fascinating story/ Legacy of the Wolf by Jean Raynes, well-told with a truly unscrupulous villain/ and The Teville Obsession by Caroline Stafford, she wrote four books, all good, but this one's my favorite. Has anyone else read and enjoyed these books?
Hey AliceChell,
I am currently reading the book you took your name from! I got it at the local library. It's good, but did you notice an error in it? The poor widow that Alice Chell takes food to has a 6 month old baby and the older child said the father died around the time it was born, but the old countess said the father had been dead two years! Really...go back and look, lol, but I don't care it still a good bookSmile
You are absolutely right, as well as being a close reader. I wonder if Margaret Mayhew knows! Anyway, I'm glad I inspired you to read the book. [Her novel The Cry of the Owl is also good]

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