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re-reading books three or more times
For those of you who re-read favorite Gothic stories, which, if any, titles have you read three or more times?
Most of the time I have so many things I want to read I just read things once. But one I have read twice is "Jamantha" by Beatrice Parker aka T.E. Huff, it was written in the 70's. It's a good gothic.
Thanks for responding! I will look for that title. When one re-reads a story, it is usually worth recommending.
correction on the spelling of the book its "Jamintha" (an i not an a)
Got it. Thanks!
I have a huge selection of gothic books.. I have read almost all of them 3 - 4 times.. and I always go back for more.. they are in storage right now, but I can't wait to get back to them
Not three times, but definitely twice.

Since I started collecting Gothics (mostly paperbacks) several years ago, I've accumulated an entire bookcase's worth. I've gotten through about half the books so far, so I haven't intentionally repeated any -- but I have done so by accident. This happened because I liked the covers of the books in question and hadn't remembered I'd read them until about three-quarters of the way through. The moment when one suddenly realizes that events in the book are becoming not only predictable but hauntingly familiar is an annoying experience. (Let's call it "déjà lu" -- "already read"!)

I blame the formulaic nature of many Gothics (many of them are the same, let's face it, and rather forgettable) rather than early-onset dementia . . .

For others who might have experienced this, I suggest a system of marking books with a light pencil on the inside cover after reading them, to avoid frustration.
I've just reread books by my favorite author Victoria Holt. A few summers back I've read the whole Philippa Carr-saga from beginning to end. Usually reading a series gets boring after a book or four, but not those. That's why she's my favorite author, I guess. Smile
Yes, Victoria Holt started it all for me. I remember reading Mistress of Mellyn and thinking, " This is wonderful, the best thing since Jane Eyre. I want more books like this!"
I've been re-reading a few over the past year or so. As a middle aged adult male I mostly read cop mysteries and psycho thrillers and haven't picked up a Gothic romance in more than twenty years. so far I have reread a few of Mary Stewart's: Airs Above the Ground, This Rough Magic, and the best, Nine Coaches Waiting; Barbara Michaels' Here I Stay; and Victoria Holt's Kirkland Revels which was over flowing with Gothic tropes, and this weekend picked up Bride of Pendorric. I know I have read Kirkland Revels at least twice before. I would highly recommend this title to any Gothic lover who hasn't read it yet.
(07-13-2010, 11:42 AM)Penfeather Wrote: early-onset dementia . . .

lol - I can't remember books I read five years ago. At this point about half by reading is re-reading - I'd rather re read a well written book or story that entertains me than risk spending 8 bucks on an unknown writer at the bookstore.

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