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food you ate when reading Gothics
I am thinking about the food people ate that was around when Gothic Romance novels were popular. Orange Tang, Sanka, Quisp Cereal or toast with margarine, the brand with the comerical that said "Its not nice to fool Mother Nature" for breakfast. Rice-A-Roni or Spaghetti-O's or maybe a "tv dinner" at lunch. Choc-O-Lite candy bars or Twigs cheese snacks with Shasta in the afternoon while watching Dark Shadows (or drinking TAB if on a diet). Striped chewing gun with a multicolor zebra on the package. "Jolly Green Giant" veggies with Dinner or maybe going to Colonel Sanders (not called KFC). Those were the days.....Big Grin
Something sweet like good doughnuts with coffee or something else sweet I also like bagles.

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