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Marilyn Ross(Dan Ross)
Anyone a fan of his writing. I've read only one novel(Horror of fog Island) and I loved it.

He was also the guy who wrote the novelization to the "Dark Shadows" tv series.
Yes, I enjoy the books 'she' writes. Though, have to say, many have the same old, same old plot. Doesn't stop me from collecting all the Dark Shadows books, though. Have three more to go before I have the whole set.
Yeah, he was a bit of a hack. Especially as he grew older. I tnink I read somewhere that he would write a 250 page novel in a week. He did this for years.
I really like Ghost ship of Fog Island! Big Grin
Mixed feelings about this author. Her (his) books never seem to fulfill their promise. They read like first-draft material, and the story elements often strike me as contrived. I have another one on my shelf I haven't read; I'll give Ross one more try.
Because I had heard that Ross was dross, I had not touched any. Yet, at this point, I would love to experiment with one.

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