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cover art
I have bags and bags of the old gothics just waiting for me to read. I also recently purchased a scanner for home.

My question is, should I upload all the covers I scan to this forum? I've scanned 15 covers so far and have quite a few more to go.

Just let me know. I don't want to take up space here if it isn't necessary.
Please!! It would be wonderful to be able to find the covers in one place and this seems the right place for it.
OK. I'll add a bit at a time.
Hi coramunroe,

That would be great. We even have a small sub section dedicated to cover art. It's here:
As you can see I've been adding covers. If you see one I've duplicated, pls. let me know and I'll remove it, or I'll ask the admin to, if I can't.
Thanks for all the cover scans, coramunroe! My favorites so far are the Queen Sized Gothics...they have wonderfully evocative covers.
Yes, when I read on the cover: "Reading fit for a Queen" I pictured in my mind drag queens. They love gothic lit. as well.^_^

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