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Book suggestion

I'm new to gothic novels in general and just came across this great forum.

Anyway, I've been searching and exploring about gothic novels and books and I just cannot decide on which one to be my first read.

So, what I am looking for is a story centered around a castle or a big mansion with a mysterious plot and tending to the occult. I like suspense a lot so that would be something to look for too. I know this is rather ambiguous... I would also prefer the story to take place in the medieval age or at least in some period in the past.

I would appreciate if someone could suggest me some pieces. I'm thinking about reading Crybbe by Phil Rickman but that doesn't fit very well the description above (I think, but I'm an ignorant).

So, thanks in advance for any help.
Hi Arthorion,
I'm a huge Phil Rickman fan and really enjoyed Crybbe but it doesn't fit in with your description of your interests.
I've reviewed it at:
If you're interested in knowing a bit more.
Well, I think that Castle of Otranto fits the description and being a classic, is worth a persusal. However, the old style of writing might not suit you and the suspense is not like modern thrillers. It would still be a good start as it set the trend.
These are all great recommendations. What about The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe? That seems to fit in with your gothic book search pretty well. I hope this helps!

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