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Hi Everyone!
Well to start with my name is Stacy. I am a twenty-seven year old grad school student and mother to a toddler.

I have been an avid reader and fan of gothic romance since high school when I actually bought a few from a thrift shop and have been hooked since!

I actually buy them off ebay and hord them. Have a whole shelf awaiting me, probably literally over four hundred, it's easy to rack them up when you buy huge lots for cheap.

I'd be interested in mail-trading and swapping books as I hate to read them and then just throw them back on the shelf. If anyone is interested in this you can email me at

Umm...I'm friendly and bookwormish to say the least and was ecstatic to find this little corner of the web.

I will try to begin writing reviews for all the gothics I read so others can benefit.

And I look forward to talking with you all via the forum. Smile
Welcome Stacy!

When I lived in the US, there were bookswapping groups and those book-tracking groups, where you'd leave a book around somewhere with a tracking number and the next person who picks it up would log it in, etc. There may be similar things over here, but I haven't looked to find out.

Anyhow, there's certainly a lack of gothics floating around in the UK, so I would love to trade and swap, but postal service is unreliable, at the moment, not to mention expensive. But I think it would be a great idea to start something like that on this forum.

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