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Crossing over
As I read different genres of books, I find that many authors do not stick with one genre consistently. There are mystery writers who also write romances, sometimes with a pseudonym, and vice versa. And even within the genres, the authors may further delve into subgenres, such as historical mysteries and Gothics. The same can be said for writers of fantasy. Whether it is intentional or not, many of these authors end up creating a Gothic. (With the reputation that Gothic writers had at one time, some of these authors may not want their names to be sullied by such an association.)

I have also run across some authors who may have started writing Gothics early in their careers, then went on to either straight romances or mysteries later.

Those who find success in multiple arenas appear to me to be better, more sophisticated writers. I hope to uncover more of these authors.
I think classification are mostly oversimplifications. Just because we classify books into a few sets doesn't mean the differences are so simple. I think you're right that it is common for authors to cross through a few different genres.

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