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I stand corrected
When I first came to this website, I had certain ideas about Gothic romances. They were somewhat narrow to judge by the reaction of a few others. I decided to take some time-out and expand my reading. I have to say that Gothics do range in scope and I give credit to those who can write good suspenseful stories without confining themselves to my rigid ideas of a Gothic romance. However, I must say I miss my castles. It seems you can't find a very good old-fashioned historical Gothic romance anymore. Some who have tried have failed miserably, another lesson I learned as I tried to stick to my formula.
Oh, welcome back, fallover. If I sounded a bit harsh with my criticism, it was not my intention. But I'm glad you're still enjoying Gothics, in its various forms. Perhaps, with your new insight, you might be able to add to the list of best Gothics or do some book reviews. No hard feelings?
Maybe I'm a bit oversensitive, but no harm done.
Nowadays, no genres or classes can remain narrow. There's to many people, and everyone likes something that's new and fresh. For example, any style of dancing is going to have a bunch of new substyles and sister-styles always coming out and such.

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