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The Devil's Own by Peter Curtis (Norah Lofts)
I have enjoyed most of Norah Lofts' books, even the non-Gothic ones, because she does know how to write.  And that makes a big difference.  She has written nonfiction books as well, though I have as yet to read those.

I believe I have read another book that was written under the pseudonym of Peter Curtis but I cannot recall what the title was.

Synopsis: Miss Deborah Mayfield, the gentle school mistress, was charmed by the dashing and forceful Canon Thorby and the peaceful English village of Walwyck.  But there was a sinister figure in Walwych, too; an old woman about whom there were whispers of witchcraft. It all seemed nonsense to Deborah. But logic began to crumble when a little boy was struck down with a strange illness, a wooden doll with a severed head was discovered, and a villager met with a grim death.... Then the quiet, peaceful village became a nightmare of terror for the school mistress. For with her growing fear, came a dark secret from her own past to haunt her.  And she was suddenly thrown into a terrifying struggle to save herself and a young girl from one of the most ancient and bizarre evils known to man...

That is a very good summary of this story from beginning to end.  It was refreshing to see a middle-aged heroine whose primary interest is not romance.  There is very light romance, if you even want to call it that, and it comes rather late for her.  Like our heroine, we have to suspend our disbelief of the supernatural.  If I had read this when I was younger, it might have given me nightmares because of the implications of Satanic worship.  I enjoyed reading this book.  For those who do not like anything pertaining to devil worship, witchcraft and those supernatural elements, this might not be the best read.
Thanks for sharing. I have 5 Norah Lofts books on my TBR shelf (not this one, though), but haven't read any yet.

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