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New Guy
Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen)
New kid on the block here. I am a 40 something male living in beautiful downtown Cincinnati where I read, write, and watch old Gothic horror movies (the Vincent Price/Edgar Allan Poe movies, Hammer Horror Films). I grew up on Dark Shadows and read a lot of the modern classics of the Golden Era, Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels, Victoria Holt, and Jill Tattersall. I am currently writing a Southern Gothic set in the Lousiana Bayous in the early 20th century with heavy doses of the supernatural. The working title is Twisted Oaks. It's quite a lurid little pot boiler and may not be to everyone's taste, but I do post excerpts on my blog from time to time. Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying reading the posts here and the walk down memory lane. I also have a large collection of cover scans. I have more than 200 jpegs of classic Golden Era gothic covers in my collection, some I have scanned myself from copies I scrounge at used bookstores and bid for (against some of you I bet!) on eBay, but also many covers that I have found posted on the internet over the years. I have posted a few in the cover art forum.

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