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Moonshadow Mansions
Has anyone read an early 70s title 'Moonshadow Mansions' by Thelma Rene Bernard?
The cover looks fantastic but before I dive in and get one from the States if possible, I wonder if anyone can advise if the story's as good as the cover?
Have not heard of it. Please share if you read it. I have a large collection that I have not read but that is not one of them.

Both dream and nightmare awaited the young French orphan. Destine, when she was deserted by her older sister and forced to leave London and its familiar vistas for the isolated moors of the north of England. The mansion in which she was to live was inhabited by two women: the invalid mother of a forlorn child, and an elderly aunt. Most of the old house had been boarded up, and all entrances were securely padlocked. But strange noises were heard at night, and candlelight often could be seen at the basement windows --- a basement which had not been occupied for many years! All Destine brought with her was courage and curiosity, and love for the child who so desperately needed care and attention. Would this be enough?
Yes, I would read that to find out more.

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