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Suggestions for historical Gothics
Anyone know of some truly excellent historical Gothic romances? Not 20th century, please. And please, none taking place in the Far East or exotic worlds.
I found Sara Hely's The Legend of the Green Man to be quite good. See my brief review under the Review Section.
Sea Jade written by Phyllis Whitney is quite good. Takes place in New England at end of 19th century. Does have a Chinese character but I don't think it will detract from your pleasure of it.
If you want a good historical, read Ariadne Pritchett's "Mill Reef Hall."
Thanks for the recommendation. What is Mill Reef Hall about?
Well, not to give the story away, it involves a young orphaned woman who is hired to nurse a dying man at his desolate estate somewhere on the East Anglian coast, I believe, in the middle of winter. He is attended only by his brother and nephew, both of whom are anxiously awaiting his death. Add a touch of the occult and some espionage and you get a very interesting intrigue.

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