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Harlequin Shivers Launch

I wanted to let my fellow Gothic lovers know about the launch of Harlequin's digital Shivers line. Yes, I am one of the authors but I don't want to come across as someone who is crashing this forum just to spam a product I'm involved in!
The launch starts with a 4 book digital box set (link below) and there will be a new digital box set every 3 months. I think Harlequin have done a good job of finding true gothic stories (but maybe I would say that). You can contact me here, via my website or on Twitter (@JaneGodman).

Harlequin Shivers box set on Amazon:

Jane Godman website:

Happy new year!
The link above says it's unavailable. Try here:
Amazon -
Google -
Barnes & Noble -
Thank you for those new links Rare Male!
The box set has been out for 5 days now and has been really well received by readers. It's stayed in Amazon's top 100 Gothics throughout that time and I'm delighted at the comments I've had about my book, Legacy of Darkness 'sinister' and 'disturbing').
So far so good for the 'gothic revival'!

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