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Gothic settings
I currently live in Vermont so I certainly know exactly what others mean about the haunted eerie vibe of the countryside (and towns!) here. There are actually many books written about the folklore, legends and hauntings in Vermont. I have read all of them, they're a awesome read.

It has a certain ambience, quality......hard to put into words exactly.

I see someone else mentioned New Hope PA! I lived there 3 years and adored the whold area! Now that is a very electric haunted area. You feel it in your bones and in the very air. 1,000's of ghost stories as well!

Some great settings for gothic novels would be Italy as well. The very early Gothic literature, many of them were set in the mountains and passes of Italy for fantastic sublime effect.

Prague would be another splendid locale for a gothic story! That city is magic, mystery, occult and gothic all rolled into a delicious soup!

I have always loved gothic stories set in the South as well.

Another locale that was extremely popular in the early gothic lit. was churches, chapels
and priories, tons of thoes lurking in those classic books! Love it.
Hi all,

I spent last weekend at Jamaica Inn!!! I live in Cornwall (am I the only English person on this forum?) and went there for a treat. It was brilliant. As I have lived in Cornwall for the past 28 years I am a huge fan of Daphne Du Maurier and although I had visited the Inn before I had never stayed there.

I watched a tv programme I am not sure you guys would know but it's called 'most haunted' and they basically stay in haunted places overnight and film what happens. Well, they went there about 3 years ago and 'found' 15 ghosts there. They said the most haunted room was no.4 and we were due to stay in rm.4 so the receptionist told us but as we had my son with us and they had to put a folding bed in the room it wouldn't have been big enough so they moved us upstairs! I did hear some footsteps outside the room just after midnight as that is the most common report about the inn. The footsteps sounded as if they were on a stone floor yet our corridor was carpeted and we were the only people on that corridor. I also saw a strange shape hovering over my sons bed at about 1am!

But the place is brilliant, loads of atmosphere, great food and great staff.

Definitely recommend you lot should come over and have a look at our fabulous cornish hospitality.

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