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Out, Out--
Well, I thought I'd introduce myself!

My name is Claudia Clemente, though I go by names like Charlotte Blackwood, Epigraph, and what not. The prior two being my pen and online names.

I'm 18 years of age, and I'm a complete and total bibliophile. Literature and Art are my passions, as is writing. I'm in love with the supernatural; ghosts, vampires, witches, etc. which is what I write about. Mingle in there a bit of ill-fated love,romance, perhaps a bit of horror, and excess of emotion and you get the very essence of 'me', a dark romantic.

Only recently have I become obsessed with the Gothic Romance genre, so I wish to learn more about it. I love this forum, provided the fact the people here don't seem to be mindless 'fangirls', compared to other places where I've been, and people can formulate logical, educated opinions, and actually support them!

Well, I think I've said all I need to say.
Oh! Let's not forget my shameless self-promotion!

My 'personal' site, with information on characters, and what not:

Writing can be found at:

Art can be found at:

It really is a pleasure to be here!
Greetings, Epigraph, and thanks for the detailed intro Smile It's a pleasure to have you here and we hope you'll find the forum a good place to learn more about the genre. Welcome.

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