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Gothic Romance e-books
Amazon has quite a few by Virginia Coffman, maybe even the complete Moura series. The covers are terrible, though. They also have some Barbara Michaels, and a few by Victoria Holt. It's a start, anyway.
Thanks for letting us know about the Coffman titles!
You're welcome. I found The House at Sandalwood and Black Heather on Usenet, so I checked Amazon to see if that's where they came from. They aren't on Amazon, so they may have been scanned by a fan. They do have the original covers, unlike the Amazon titles. Barnes & Noble has quite a few as well, Looks like all of the Amazon titles and some extras. Same horrible covers, though.
There are many modern gothic romances if you search under kindle books for 'gothic romance' quite a list of new authors in this genre will pop up. Some are very cheap ranging from 99 cents to 2.99 and 3.99. I have purchased several and really enjoyed them.

Also, you should visit open library, they have a huge selection of gothic romance books, i've been compiling a list but it's incomplete but so far what I've got you can find here:

You might have to be signed up before the page will display, not sure about that. But open library is just wonderful, you can also download apps to your phone to read the books there or you can just download them in ebook format to read on your computer/laptop.

Hope I've helped you a bit!

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