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Which Barbara Michaels Books Are Gothic?
I am an avid Gothic reader but somehow I have only just got my hands on books by Barbara Michaels (Elizabeth Peters).

I think the reason I have avoided her titles until now is because they just don't sound like Gothics to me.

The ones I have are 'Shattered Silk' and 'Search The Shadows' and I will probably start one of them today. The last book I read was 'The Secret of Mirror House' by Patricia Maxwell.

Which of Barbara Michaels' books fall into the Gothic Romance category?


Everyone's opinion on what constitutes a gothic romance varies slightly, as you will discover as you browse through the other posts.

I feel most, if not all, her books were Gothic in some way. The ones you mentioned were written contemporaneously, but deals with the supernatural and events of the past that led to it.

I don't have a complete list of Barbara Michaels' books on hand, but they include:

Historical: Master of Blacktower, Sons of the Wolf, The Wizard's Daughter, Greygallows

Modern: Shattered Silk, Search the Shadows, Stitches in Time, Vanish with the Rose, Someone in the House, Be Buried in the Rain, Black Rainbow

Other: Other Worlds and Patriot Games are a bit iffy. Other Worlds has ghosts of historical and literary figures solving a crime, and Patriot Games reminds me of something she would have written as Elizabeth Peters. Personally, I don't consider the Elizabeth Peters books as "gothic". I've read some complaints on this forum about Michaels' tone, especially in regards to her heroine, and I feel it applies excessively to the Peters' books.
If you like ghost stories, you might try Ammie Come Home, Walker in the Shadows, and Here I Stay.

I have a review of Ammie Come Home on my blog.
Thank you, Paige and Monique.

Hmm, this probably explains why I haven't read Michaels before. I like traditional Gothics...or what I call traditional Gothics anyway. Smile


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