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Hello from North Cqrolina
Hi, fellow gothic lovers--I had no idea such a pool existed. I have always loved gothics, the oldest to the newest, horror to not so--. I've just published two e-books that are both gothic, Lady in White (takeoff of Wilkie Collins Woman in White from way early) and A Holiday Folly, and I am committed to continuing to write and publish and read in this genre. I'm president of a club in this genre, too. It's really alive and well, isn't it? I've visited so many castles in Germany especially, but other European countries, only just in Scotland in October where I visited a number of gorgeous, gothicky castles. I really don't know how to use this forum, so please, guide me kindly, here. I'm just glad to find such a thriving gothic group.
Hi Joartis, welcome!
The forum is a bit slow at the present, so please read through all the older threads and reply whenever the urge hits you. Wink
Congrats on having books written and published. Good job!
I'm lucky to be living in Europe so lots of castles on my doorstep, so to speak. I somehow prefer visiting ruins of castles, allowing my imagination to fill in the gaps.
Hope you'll have a nice time with us!
Hi Joartis,

Congrats on the books. like visiting old castles and houses, although they can be quite spooky-I prefer to visit in daylight and spend the night in a modern hotel that is devoid of ghosts. Being from an even newer world than you, there's not to many castles or ruins near me either. Guess we have to go to Europe for out Gothic setting-I'm writing a Gothic-inspired novel set in Australia, we've not really got the weather for it.

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