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Do you re-read your books?
I just finished re-reading "Rebecca". Wow! What a difference it makes to read it 30 years later. Although I remembered the essentials, there were other facets to the book that I didn't even bother to think about. I will be very interested to discuss this book at our book discussion.

Has anyone else ever re-read a Gothic? What was your impression the second time around, and how was it similar/different to the first?
It's funny that you should ask because I recently re-read Catherine Gaskin's "A Falcon for a Queen". It was one of those novels that stayed with me for a long time, like "Rebecca" or "Jane Eyre". I found that with time and more of life's experiences, the book was more poignant and nostalgic on re-reading.
Occasionally I re-read books, but only if it's been a long time since my last reading. Usually, I read the second time for sheer enjoyment of the scenes and characters or to pick up clues I may have missed the first time. The first time is usually a rush because I'm trying to find out what happens next.

I am also almost done with re-reading Rebecca. I read it when I was in high school twenty years ago and I remember that it was the mystery that stuck in my mind. This time I'm more aware of the relationship between Maxim and the narrator, the clues to Rebecca's character littered throughout the book, and the strange psychology of Mrs. Danvers. I look forward to discussing Mrs. Danvers. She is far more complex through an adult prism.

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