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does anyone recognize this book?
This woman that gets caught in a storm (I think she was on the way to be a companion, or governess somewhere, and her carriage breaks down) and has to take shelter in an abandoned cottage and this man (a duke or something) ends up caught to and has to share with her. Since her reputation was ruined because there was no chaperone, he insists he will marry her even tho they can't stand each other. They end up falling in love butneither will tell the other. Once she buys a pair of highspirited horses and he gets very mad at her even tho she handles them very well. She ends up kidnapped, I think her uncle had something to do with it, nd he rescues her and finds out that she's really rich and they tell each other they're in love.

I'm actually not sure if it is a Gothic or a Regency. It has a lot of both qualities in it from what I can remember.

I read it long time ago, and would love to read it again, but alas, I cannot remember either author or title.

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