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How do you define 'classic gothics'?
I think the administrator's definition of Classic Gothics as "early and standard works" of (I assume) gothic romance is entirely adequate. What we need to clarify, perhaps, is what "standard works" encompasses.

I've described what I think a "classic gothic romance" contains before. Three key ingredients: romance, life-threatening suspense, and a puzzle/mystery. Classic gothics are typically (but not always) historical and set in a castle or mansion. They usually contain one or more gothic elements: secret passages, dungeons, ghosts (or pseudo ghosts), threats on the heroine's life, etc.

I think it may be important to consider whether the story is character driven or plot driven. Classic gothics are typically character driven. The heroine is typically unsure whether she can trust the hero or, in many cases, has to choose between two potential heroes, one of which may be the villain.

Romantic Suspense is a genre coined by publicists to make gothic novels more saleable. These are typically set in the present day, and the character- plot-driven distinction is not made; you see both types in this genre.

Just some thoughts. What do others think?

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RE: How do you define 'classic gothics'? - by GothicLover - 10-30-2007, 03:06 PM

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