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The Poets of Blood' Blood Fest 2010
The Faery Master

You snipped my beautiful wings
and cast them away
You smiled at my growing fear
and said I must obey

You are the Master of the evening
and know that I am lost
You seek to enslave me
and punish me if you're cross

Your fangs lengthen slowly
and I run into the wood
You are close behind me
and cover me with a hood

You snatch my delicate wrists
and tie them tight
You kiss my shoulder, my neck
and cruelly bite

You twist your fangs inside my skin
and my tears run fast
You make me moan in pain
and beg for it to last

You stroke me slowly with your hand
and cup my breast
You tease my trembling thighs
and refuse me rest

You push your fangs in hard, deep
and I'm panting faster
You bring me to the edge of death
and I scream, Master!

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