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The Poets of Blood' Blood Fest 2010
Scarlet Libation

Thick garnet jewels rock silent waves in a crystal cup

I loft the precious prison to firelight’s eye

I smile impishly for I have no intent to deny

My desire, my longing for life essence, the ruby drop

This incredulous countenance I did not seek nor dream

An Ancient One fed me his intoxicating morphine

In nightmares for eons that waged, I truly did recall

The burning anger of God, damnation, and the Great Fall

Ekimmu, Sekhmet, and darling Lilitu are the
beautiful saviours throughout the ages

Rescuing those fallible ones and humans who read these pages

Seek out your sweet eternal salvation with trepidation

The secret to a blissful forever lies in submission to
Scarlet libation.

Love is Eternal

Fairer in spring than the gentian down of indigos
dancing down paths of sweet violet and tuberose
The alpine nymph seeks a perfect dream, her sacred pine
A fearsome angel, scented arms to her incline
Spellbound by his beauteous glory and passionate affection
The dryad slumbers in a lover’s haze, oblivious to imperfection
The gloomiest of hidden things is that living is not eternal
His arms will wither and his day will fade to nocturnal
Ardent love and mystical spirits, however, do entwine
Sweet violet and tuberose will befriend them until the end of time.

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