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The Poets of Blood' Blood Fest 2010

He comes to her by starlight
Enchants her with his spell
She begs and pleads for mercy
A captive of his hell

One look into his golden eyes
She knows she has no chance
A soft caress along her cheek
And she is in his trance

The breeze whips through the window
Swirling dust with icy breath
Her neck exposed in offering
Awaiting this sweet death

A kiss upon her shoulder
Anticipations rise
Light from the candle dances
On the walls before it dies

And when the moon grows stonger
The hunger takes control
He sinks his teeth into her vein
A groan falls from her throat

They dance around this dark room
To an unheard melody
The evil guiding this waltz
Is her source of ecstasy

He gently lies her on the bed
Both sated for the night
She'll fall into his arms again
His countess of the light

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