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The Poets of Blood' Blood Fest 2010

I had a dream I was a poet

Self-induced psychosis

Wealth for many uses

Relative importance and usefulness

The way to a happier existence

Alive, with consciousness

Animal and Human spirit alliances

Partaking courage and mystery;

Becoming, one with word craftiness

The fertile rite, the epitome

The Thief of Fire

A virus of written text that spreads,

discovering a way out of this false world

Like water shall find a place to go

He shall find a time to burn
the false world fro

A revolutionary blend

A evolutionary trend

A trail of ashes to the wind he sends

A revolutionary mend

No entity shall claim him

Not even the coldness of society

He’s a brave slave of the Gods in graves

He seen the trap, sitting on realities lap

He lifted a flap, busted a gap,
and left no map

He has found much, more
greater spiritual powers

He has seen the surveillance
hidden in the flowers

Star demons in heaven’s great prison

contraband, what he does now possess

He broke the wings of the Devil,

you-know who, so confess

History is mud

History is mud

History is dirty

Look, here comes

a flood of blood

to flood upon thee

The fire doesn’t leak or drift, and how-

he has total control, is fast and swift

He's a super fire carnival swirling along

with his super fire circus world,
so now lift that song

Those thousands of tongues sing,
and tell the tale

Of the thief on the lake of fire he does sail

So sing on, all boys and girls

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