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The Poets of Blood' Blood Fest 2010
Blood Play

Passion burns bright and hard in me
for blood play, for blood play…

I opened my little black box
And let the depraved edge cut its way out…
Now, warm delicious bodies lay by
Stunned and terrorized at what they saw
In my fathomless eyes…

I am not a monster.
Not so different from you.
Do you not have inner demons
That threaten to consume?

You all make your sacrifices
In your own subtle ways.
Don’t you point your fingers
‘til you hear what I say!

Maybe you deny yourselves
Some pleasure every day.
Or think yourselves above the rest -
Now you’re on display!

I’ve arranged your broken bodies
In the most pleasing poses.
Made no attempt to clean the blood
That’s lacing from your noses.

My dark shadow
Moves about the room
Looking for what may be left.

Here, a battered piece of meat
Whose soul has recently fled.

Nothing left to do here –
You have all been so gracious.
I close up the blackest toy box
Then lick my fingers – delicious.

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