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Would you ever write a horror Gothic?
Yes indeed. I have been working on a Southern Gothic for two years. I have written about 45,000 words and am about halfway finished. The main inspiration for my book (working title is Twisted Oaks) are the works of Anne Rice (whom I don't much care for) and Michael McDowell (whom I admire greatly).

The original plot for this story, when the novel was in development phase, actually followed the traditional route, with a young bride coming to an old house to discover that her husband's twin brother is a werewolf. The plot evolved into something a bit bigger. Now the story is about a family curse which begins in 1848 and continues through two generations. It's set in the Louisiana bayous and is chock full of witchcraft, voodoo, soul-selling, murder, incest, drug addiction, ghosts, and yes the twin brother is still a werewolf. I refer to it as a Southern Gothic Potboiler, as well as describe it as a cross between Dark Shadows and Gone With the Wind.

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