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Would you ever write a horror Gothic?
(10-08-2007, 06:52 PM)readertim Wrote: Would you ever write a horror Gothic novel? Does reading them make you want to write some?

I have, let say, "attempted" writing a horror Gothic that ended being a short story.

It's called "My girl got a raw deal".
A father is taking his little girl to the park, reminding himself of the last time he went. Whilst his little girl pesters him about the people who have gone to hell. Are they all sinners? Or did someone elses sin put them there?

The father questions the girl, believing she has become distraught over the situation about her mother, whose body was massacred and only found the week before. However, the little girl assures the father, that the mother is not hell. And the father becomes overwhelmed with fear...

Later on, the girl pronounces that she made a deal with Satan
and all hell brakes loose.


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