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Who's your favorite American author?
m1tal1k Wrote:I am new here as a poster but read some posts and stuff that posters have left. I know, and you can call me old school, but I haven't found a good author since 19th century between 1800-1880. Sorry, just haven't. Some good ones I suppose just not great. I am found of Frankenstein myself, but my favorite works are Fall of the House of Usher and Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe. I know he only wrote poems and short stories and not necessarily novels, but those have been my all time favorite.

Old school or new school, we are here to discuss Gothic literature. Some of us would prefer to read the old stuff, some the new. But to share your opinions, which modern (20th century) authors have you liked? I think the purpose of this forum is to help lovers of Gothic literature to find and read good stories. If we can get recommendations of the good, we can better avoid all the trashy novels. It's unfortunate that so many trashy novels have been published under "Gothic" that it has received a bad name.

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RE: Who's your favorite American author? - by paigenumber - 12-02-2007, 11:36 AM

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