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Do you like to be alone while reading?
I used to tuck myself away from the world with a book but now I have 3 children, if I only read when alone I would never get any reading done.
I love reading too much to limit my reading time. I can and do read in public places, particularly places where waiting is involved-public transport, dr offices, supermarket queues etc.
I read in front of the TV often. Sure beats watching what's on the screen and that way I'm still with my family and able to interact with them yet do something I enjoy.
I think it's also a good model for my children who are all readers and I think that's in part because they see their parents enjoying books.
The one place I find I can't read is in the car but on occasion we've listened to audio books on cd on longer drives.
Alone reading time is a real luxury for me.

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