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How did you first get interested in Gothic books?
Heathcliffe's girl. Wrote:I did an English degree and one of my final year units was on Gothic Lit and film. I never looked back. My favourite novels are Dracula and Rebecca. I guess it was a combination of my lecturer's passion for the genre along with a love of big dark houses and spooky and/ or supernatural elements that appealed to me.

Yes, Rebecca seems to be a popular entry point for many people; the setting is fabulous. And I think the romance element appeals to a lot of readers and of course viewers of the film.

I was just reading a diary of an English woman who was writing about her experiences in WWII, and she saw the film when it first came out and liked it so much she saw it three times in a row.

As for Dracula, I think I have seen a record somewhere that it is the most filmed 'book', certainly horror story, ever. I use the word book loosely because so many Dracula/vampire-related films have been made as well.

Interesting how the vampire romance is still going strong in various guises to this day; both the mainstream romance writers, and now young adult with the popularity of Twilight.

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