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Old Soul
(10-27-2017, 08:50 PM)Carrie Dalby Wrote: Welcome. I'm a newbie here, too.
What I like about living in the now is the opportunity to read/explore all about lives in the past. I love historical fiction for that reason. I can get a taste for the time period and still keep my indoor plumbing and air conditioning.  Shy

You make an excellent point.  I suppose it's easy to say that one wishes to have been born in an earlier period; but if we had, we wouldn't miss those modern conveniences that we depend on now.  We'd have grown up without them and would be just fine.

Now -- if time travel opened up, how many of us would permanently relocate to the past? I think I might -- but only if I could jump in my time machine and revisit the future if I needed to see a dentist or something.  Then I'd go back "home" to some previous century.

I do like your perspective about using the here-and-now as an opportunity to explore all areas of past history.  In that way, the internet is like a time machine.  It's easy to discount our blessings in that way.

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