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Old Soul
(10-22-2017, 09:31 PM)thewitchinghour Wrote: Tongue

Do you ever feel you were born in the wrong time?

Greetings, I'm new around here and just love what I have seen so far. I'm happy to be here and find some good reads. My journey is a long story so here is a short version:
  • I'm a artist lost and found again
  • A mother, wife, and daughter
  • Living in central Illinois USA
  • I will be 32 on Nov. 1st. 
  • I am a returning college student in Graphic Design
I am a open book ask me anything.

Sorry I missed this post.  I can definitely relate to your opening question! I was born exactly a hundred years too late.

Since you've invited questions: 

(1) How do you feel about the prospect of returning to school? 

(2) Do you have a blog or website with some of your artwork on it?

(3) What are your reading tastes, as pertains to this form or otherwise?


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