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Contemporary Gothic Romance: Lisa Greer
There are a number of writers among us (myself included), but I wanted to take a moment to steer our members toward the contemporary Gothic Romances of Lisa Greer. Lisa’s fourth full-length novel, Secrets of Summerspelle, is released today as an eBook from Musa Publishing.

Lisa’s stories draw heavily on the tradition of the Gothic Romances we all know and love from the 1960s. Her heroines find themselves embroiled in tantalizing mysteries from the past and often juggle two romantic interests, one with slightly devious intentions…but is it ever the one we readers think it is?

But this isn’t your grandmother’s Phyllis Whitney. While the stories follow the traditional template, our heroines are modern girls with Master’s Degrees. They drive Honda’s and text on cell phones, and listen to The Cure and Eric Clapton. And (gasp!) they have sex.

I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Secrets of Summerspelle. Our heroine, Jane Wintersmith, is invited to house sit at an enchanting Southern mansion while its owners spend a summer vacationing in Europe. Jane is attracted to Ezra English, the brooding, “older” history professor, as well as a cute amateur photographer her own age. An exploration of Summerspelle’s cupola room unveils a secret from the past, complete with ghostly apparitions and haunting dreams, and, in the best tradition of Barbara Michaels, a poignant denouement involving social injustices.

Lisa also has written a number of shorter workers including Pointe of Danger, also from Musa, and the independently published, and very chaste, Hutterite tales Blood on Her Bonnet and Blood on Snowflakes, as well as an ongoing serial about a traveling librarian who has a knack for accepting assignments at creepy old houses owned by hawt Byronic heroes. The series kicks off with the marvelously titled Menace at Mistwood, available exclusively through Amazon.

So, if you have stepped up to the digital age and are searching for some old fashioned Gothic fun to load into your Kindle, check out the world of Lisa Greer, and thank me later.

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