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Could a Gothics micro-market exist today?
I'm posting this thread really to indulge my own curiosity more than anything.

Do you think a micro-market for Gothic Romance/Suspense could still exist today?

I just wonder if a publisher were to put out original Gothics (new, but written in the great tradition) either as paperbacks or ebooks, how many fans of the genre would buy them now? (And this would be assuming that they would be good books, perhaps some of them even written by authors known within the genre in the past.)

(No, I have no plans to do this myself, but it's crossed my mind that perhaps there is a niche, albeit a small one, that might be filled online by some micro-publisher out there.)

Your thoughts appreciated.

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Could a Gothics micro-market exist today? - by Penfeather - 07-03-2011, 08:47 AM

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