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A few questions from a newcomer to the genre
Many of my favorite gothics came from the late 70s-early 80s Candlelight Intrigue novels. Anne Stuart, Betty Hale Hyatt, Jacqueline Aeby, and Jannette Radcliffe (among others) wrote gothics for this line. Granted, some fall more into the "romantic suspense" category, rather than pure "gothic", but there are some really good books there.

You can find a listing of these Candlelight romances either by going onto the now defunct website or by going onto Fiction On Fiction db, on the right hand side of the page (under the login/sign in/help features) there's a pull down menu that automatically goes to "author", but you can chose "title", "series", or "isbn". If you select "series", key in "Candlelight" in the box.

Three choices come up, but you want the one is for "Candlelight Romance".
And all of the gothics/intrigues/regencies that they featured in their series of books will come up. If you click on a title, most of the books have a synopsis and the front book cover.

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