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What horror Gothic books do you recommend?
Can't recommend it as I've not yet read it, but I did find and purchase this novel last week:

The Black Dog by Georgena Goff

It's touted as "A Gothic novel of the psychic occult."

Every time the big black dog appeared -- someone died. Lottie feared she would be next.

Legend whispered that Mr. Holme appeared every 25 years accompanied by the black dog who guarded his mother's grave. Holme and his black dog spelled death and disaster...

It's a Belmont Blue Ribbon Gothic published May 1971.


As an aside, I've just recently read about black dogs having difficulty being adopted out of animal shelters because of "bad press." AS workers are tying big colorful ribbons onto their necks to enhance attention, and working hard to warm up the public to adopting these animals. So I was a bit reluctant to buy the book, as it panders to an unfortunate stereotype which is harming dog adoption. But I decided to read the story anyway, for its own sake.

I love black dogs and black cats! Animal lover here.

--back on topic--

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