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Heroine too dumb to live?
I think several of us have commented on how some of the heroines in gothic novels are "too dumb to live". As I listened to several "gothics" from the 1800s, a prototype of the gothic heroine started to emerge. They were all depicted as young, innocent/naive, overprotected, fragile, expected to be lady-like and obedient. They couldn't or wouldn't be allowed to have opinions. These heroines worked so well, it is no wonder that more modern day writers stuck with that prototype. But, of course, the heroines in those older gothics fit the times and the story. As women became more emancipated, a stronger heroine emerged, yet in some stories, these "strong" women still behaved uncharacteristically stupid. It is in those situations that I have a problem with the heroine who is too dumb to live. Having said that, I suppose we should review our own lives and see if we haven't ever made a stupid decision.

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