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The Night Owl
The Night Owl is my very first novel I have begun work on a few weeks ago. Of course it takes place in Victorian times in the small fictional city of Harrow's End. I mix quite a few plots into this story, with a male and a female lead - Simon Tarker and Talia Brinewyck, who stumble into the strange happenings in the town. It is very supernatural in nature, but as the two get entwined in the terror a strange figure known as THE NIGHT OWL begins leaving letters all over town; friend or foe?? Criminal or vigilante?? Not to give any big points away, but the finale will take place on Lake Harrow, with maybe a ghost or a monster!! Obviously, plenty of romantic situations and creepy scenes, but with a litle updating, using the "superhero" crime fighter situations. Thought you all would be interested. What do you think of the names??

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