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House on Crow's Nest Island :: Arlene Hale 1968
paigenumber Wrote:Arlene Hale wrote many nurse novels, which makes me suspect she was probably a nurse, hence her desire to remain medically accurate. You may laugh at how people viewed illness, even in the 60s, but they really did believe that hardening of the arteries can cause many different problems. It may sound funny to us today, but who knows, maybe they're right. We're just waiting to find out more answers on that front.

Hi. I went to the local used bookstore to see if I could find other Gothic Romance novels written by her. No luck. I'll search I'm not a huge fan of fiction; Gothic Romance is an exception, and I hope she wrote more GR novels.

I'm a medical transcriptionist, so the medical aspect of the story was of course appealing...and why I got a giggle out of "wild behavior" possibly attributable to hardening of the arteries. Wink And no doubt in 2028 someone will giggle over an attribution made in the 1980s [when I was very young and just embarking on my career]. Big Grin

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